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Can Scalp Massage Help You Regain Hair?

Some suggest scalp massage can treat hair thinning and reverse balding. The restoration doctors at The Hair Loss Doctors By Robert J. Dorin examine the…

Posted by Robert True on Oct 21, 2019

Are There Natural Ways to Regrow Hair?

Many patients ask about natural hair regrowth methods. The hair restoration surgeons of True & Dorin Medical Group compare different options.

Posted by Robert True on Oct 07, 2019

FUE Frontal Hair Transplant

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a great option for hair restoration and transplant needs. The team at True & Dorin Medical Group discusses why.

Posted by Robert True on Sep 21, 2019

Medication After FUE Treatment

Follow all instructions carefully when taking medication after FUE hair transplant surgery. The True & Dorin team goes over post-op care.

Posted by Robert True on Aug 21, 2019

Can FUE Hair Transplants Fail?

FUE failure can mean poor hair density or health problems affecting follicles and the scalp. Our restoration surgeons consider failed transplant techniques.

Posted by Robert True on Jul 21, 2019

Running After FUE Hair Transplant

Running after follicular unit extraction (FUE) should be avoided for several days to ensure proper recovery. Let’s talk post-op hair transplant surgery healing.

Posted by Robert True on Jun 21, 2019

Best Hair Transplant Techniques in NYC in 2019

The best hair transplant options at the moment are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Let’s compare the surgeries.

Posted by Robert True on Jun 21, 2019

Taking Biotin for Hair Loss: What You Should Know

Biotin claims to help treat baldness, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss. Is it effective? Our hair transplant and restoration doctors look at the…

Posted by Robert True on Jun 06, 2019

How to Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant

Sleeping after follicular unit extraction (FUE) is crucial for hair transplant surgery results. Our restoration surgeons offer advice to patients.

Posted by Robert True on Jun 06, 2019

Hair Loss Medication Side Effects

Hair loss drugs Rogaine® (minoxidil) and Propecia® (finasteride) have side effects patients should note. Let’s compare these balding/thinning medications.

Posted by Robert True on May 21, 2019

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