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Can Essential Oils Reverse the Effects of Hair Loss?

October 23, 2014 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Loss Hair Transplants

The hair loss doctors at True and Dorin discuss the effectiveness of essential oils for reversing hair loss.

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Hair Loss at the Back of the Head: Alopecia Areata and Other Causes

October 6, 2014 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Loss Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss at the back of the head tends to be caused by alopecia areata (spot baldness) and scalp trauma rather than male pattern balding.

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Lupus and Hair Loss: How Long Will It Last and What Can I Do About It?

October 3, 2014 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Loss Causes

Lupus can lead to temporary hair loss. Hair regrowth will occur after successful treatment, so medical treatments and hair restoration surgery is often unnecessary.

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