Hair Loss at the Back of the Head: Alopecia Areata and Other Causes By Robert True on October 06, 2014

A man in a grey room looks to the side thinking about somethingThe team at True & Dorin Medical Group prides itself on achieving excellent results when it comes to addressing balding of all kinds. Patients throughout the New York, Boston, and New Jersey area have benefited a great deal from our expertise, whether it involves the latest and most advanced hair transplantation surgery techniques or advice on non-surgical approaches to hair regrowth and replacement.

Sometimes patients suffer from hair loss at the back of the head rather at the front as in many cases of traditional male pattern balding. Let's consider these issues right now.

How common is hair loss at the back of the head?

In terms of the usual hair loss that men experience, hair loss from the back of the head tends to be uncommon. With male pattern baldness, the hair loss tends to start at the temples and front of the hairline or at the crown of the head rather than at the back. The hair loss then progresses, generally leaving the hair at the back and sides of the head.

About Alopecia Areata

In the vast majority of cases, hair loss at the back of the head is caused by other issues, the most common of which is alopecia areata, which is also known as spot balding or spot baldness. Alopecia aerata can occur in different parts of the body, though it tends to be common on the scalp.

It should be noted that the hair loss may actually occur all over the scalp rather than in specific spots. This is classified as diffuse alopecia areata.

Causes of Alopecia Areata

In general, alopecia areata tends to be a genetic condition, so if a person has a family history of alopecia areata occurring, they are more likely to suffer from the condition. Alopecia areata has also been linked to autoimmune diseases, and in such cases the person's own immune system attacks their hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

Treatments for Alopecia Areata

Treating alopecia areata does not usually involve hair restoration surgery. In some cases, such as those in which the hair loss is linked to autoimmune disease or other disorders, the hair will grow back with proper treatment. It's important to observe the nature of the hair loss linked to the spot baldness and address it accordingly.

Other Causes of Hair Loss at the Back of the Head

In addition to alopecia areata, hair loss at the back of the head may be the result of :

  • Scalp infections
  • Skin problems on the scalp
  • Burns or trauma to the scalp
  • Hairstyles that pull at the back of the scalp

Treatments to Consider

When it comes to treating hair loss related to the above issues, it's important to consider the root cause or causes of the hair loss and to tailor the treatment to the needs of the patient. If the hair can grow back naturally without the need for hair transplant surgery, it's ideal to consider how to promote hair regrowth in that manner. When the hair is unable to regrow on its own, it's then important to consider various surgical options for hair restoration. These can be discussed in greater detail during a consultation with a member of our team.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Hair Restoration Specialists

For more information about hair loss and your many different options for having a full head of hair again, be sure to contact our hair restoration specialists today. The team at True & Dorin Medical Group looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best choices when it comes to hair restoration.

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