Restoring Hair Loss after Weight Loss

Many patients experience hair loss after weight loss, ranging from minor to severe. We have successfully treated an impressive number of patients at our practice serving Manhattan, NYC, and other communities in greater NYC.

Whether substantial weight loss is the result of dieting or bariatric surgery, factors such as malnutrition, added stress, and a reduction in energy can restrict hair growth. The team at The Hair Loss Doctors can help to determine the direct cause of your hair loss and create an individualized treatment plan. Dr. Robert J. Dorin and Dr. Robert H. True can work with you to determine whether one of our surgical or non-surgical options is the best of course of action. 

What Causes Hair Loss After Weight Loss? 

During dramatic weight loss, several changes occur within the body. This can lead to fluctuations in protein consumption, vitamins, energy levels, and hormones. Depending on the changes in your diet, you may not be receiving adequate vitamins or hormones that your body needs to function properly. The stress associated with reducing caloric intake and changing your lifestyle can also trigger temporary hair loss during and after weight loss. 

Factors Contributing to Hair Loss

Diet image
Dietary Changes
Medical problems image
Medical Problems
Mediation side effects image
Medication Side Effects
Seasonal changes image
Seasonal Changes

Other factors that should be considered if you feel you have been losing an abnormal amount of hair following weight loss can include:

  • Medical problems such as a thyroid disorder 
  • Side effects from a medication you have been prescribed
  • Seasonal changes that affect hair growth 

A consultation with one of our doctors can allow them to determine the cause of your condition

Preventing Hair Loss 

If you are beginning your weight loss journey and want to actively prevent hair loss, there are several dietary elements you can implement. Additionally, by ensuring that you consume a healthy amount of calories made up of protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you can minimize or prevent malnutrition. A well-balanced diet and gradual weight loss plan can help maintain the proper nutrients necessary for hair growth. 

At The Hair Loss Doctors, we are committed to advanced treatment that is discreet, confidential, and in compliance with best standards. 

Restoring Hair Growth

We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options including laser grafting, micropigmentation, or even hair transplants. Our doctors can also provide medical therapy and prescriptions that can work in combination with these procedures to stimulate and improve hair growth. Our innovative techniques allow us to create individualized treatment plans that take into consideration the specific factors that are contributing to your hair loss, as well the composition of your hair.

Both Dr. True or Dr. Dorin have extensive knowledge of hair loss conditions and related treatments, allowing them to develop unique solutions for our patients. As one of the most experienced hair restoration clinics in the world, we have complete confidence that we can guide you through this important decision. 

Providing Exceptional Care

At The Hair Loss Doctors, we are committed to providing advanced treatment that is discreet, confidential, and in compliance with best standards. We strive to make our patients feel comfortable during every step of treatment. Contact us online or call us at (866) 629-0866 to learn more.

Effective Treatment for Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Hair loss after bariatric surgery is a common side effect. The condition can be caused by several factors affecting natural hair growth such as medications, crash dieting, or illness. Losing your hair can cause stress and affect your self-confidence. The Hair Loss Doctors has helped countless patients in Manhattan, NYC, and other communities throughout greater NYC reverse the effects of this condition through personalized treatment. Dr. Robert H. True and Dr. Robert J. Dorin have dedicated their careers to helping patients overcome the challenges associated with hair loss through high-quality procedures, the latest technology, and versatile and effective treatment options. 

For over three decades, The Hiar Loss Doctors has helped patients overcome hair loss with innovative solutions.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur After Bariatric Surgery?

Temporary hair loss is common in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. It often occurs for three months or more after the procedure. Once your weight has stabilized, many patients will see hair begin to regrow. However, for some patients, substantial hair loss has occurred that will require professional intervention.

This type of hair loss has been attributed to changes in nutritional intake and the natural hair growth cycle. Reducing the amount of calories, vitamins, or protein you are consuming can lead to reduced energy available for your body to execute normal functions. At this point, the body will conserve energy, sometimes through reducing hair growth.

Factors that Affect Natural Hair Growth

Medication image
Crash dieting image
Crash Dieting
Illness image

Other factors such as an underactive thyroid, iron deficiency, or even illness contracted during your time in a surgical facility can contribute to hair loss. It is important to note that genetics may also play a role in your predisposition to this condition. Our doctors can conduct a consultation that will help them determine the cause of your hair loss, and help you select a treatment option that suits your needs.

Your Treatment Options

If your post-surgical hair loss has not subsided after three to six months, or you are uncomfortable with your condition, our team can help you reestablish growth or conceal sparse and bald spots. We have developed an individualized treatment approach that allows our doctors to provide a solution that is tailored to the goals and needs of each patient. Our diverse range of treatments includes popular surgical procedures and non-surgical options such as: 

Depending on the nature of your hair loss, Dr. True or Dr. Dorin may even suggest a combination of both surgical and non-surgical elements. For example, we offer safe and effective medications that can stimulate hair growth for the right patient. Depending on your personal preferences, lifestyle factors, and the professional recommendations made by our doctors, we can work with you to successfully treat your hair loss. 

Professional Care You Can Trust 

For over three decades, The Hair Loss Doctors has helped patients overcome their hair loss with innovative solutions. Dr. Dorin and Dr. True hold themselves and our staff to the highest standards for ethical care and customer service. If you are looking for exceptional, considerate treatment to address your post-bariatric surgery hair loss, contact us online or call us at (866) 629-0866.

Dr. Dorin

The Hair Loss Doctors
By Robert J. Dorin

At The Hair Loss Doctors with our Surgical Headquarters in Garden City, NY and clinics in Manhattan, NY; Boston, MA; and Short Hills, NJ, Dr. Robert J. Dorin helps men and women reverse the effects of hair loss through various surgical and non-surgical treatments including Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. Our Founder & Medical Director is affiliated with:

  • The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • The American Board of Restoration Surgery
  • The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons
  • The American Osteopathic Association

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