Will Hot Styling Tools Damage My Transplanted Hair? By Robert True on April 21, 2019

Reclined male combs his hair with one handHair transplant surgery can leave you feeling younger and self-confident. At True & Dorin in New York, NY, patient satisfaction is our top priority. No matter which hair loss treatment option you undergo, you will have the benefit of our doctors’ decades of professional experience.

Following your hair transplant surgery, you will want to protect your investment by avoiding certain habits and hair products that can damage your newly transplanted hair follicles. One of the most damaging devices for hair are hot styling tools. Here, we discuss the safe use of hot styling tools after hair transplant surgery.

How Do Hot Styling Tools Damage Hair?

Hot styling tools encompass a wide range of electric hairstyling devices. These can include:

  • Curling irons
  • Blow dryers
  • Flat irons
  • Styling wands
  • Flocked rollers
  • Hair steamers

What ties these devices together is the use of high temperatures (as high as 400 Fahrenheit). High temperatures remove moisture, nutrients, proteins, and natural oils from your hair, leaving strands brittle and prone to breaking.

Hot styling tools can also burn or singe hairs, leaving them permanently damaged. Even at more moderate heat levels, regular treatments can break down otherwise healthy hair.

In fact, hot styling tools are one of the leading causes of preventable hair loss. One risk factor for traction alopecia, a leading cause of hair loss, is the use of thermal styling tools.

Contact our New York practice for a follow-up appointment to discuss the use of hot styling tools or any other concerns with us.

How Can I Minimize Damage from Hot Styling Tools?

The best way to ensure that your hair is protected after transplant surgery is to stop the use of hot styling tools, at least for the few months after surgery. If you find it difficult to part with these devices, these tips may help mitigate the damaging effects of hot styling tools:

  • Stick to devices that have adjustable temperatures: Knowing just how hot your styling tool is may prevent heat-related damage. Try dialing down high to medium or medium to low. You may have to spend a few more minutes prepping your hair, but you could also be avoiding unnecessary damage to your follicles and tresses.
  • Work quickly and sparingly: Hot styling tools are not meant to be used for minutes on end. Learn how to get the results you desire in less time.
  • Learn the merits of air drying: Naturally letting your hair dry is always safer for your hair than blow drying.
  • Protect your hair: Heat protectant sprays and products work. Conditioners can restore nutrients that were leached out due to heat.

Tips for Protecting Your Hair

Beyond avoiding hot styling tools, these tips can protect your newly transplanted hair.

  • Avoid tight hairstyles
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid damaging hair products
  • Eat a nutritious diet

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Following these few simple steps can protect your newly transplanted hair. Following your hair transplant surgery, one of our doctors will be glad to provide tips on advice for maintaining your new hair.

If you are experiencing the signs of hair loss, our skilled doctors will be glad to discuss your treatment options. Many of our hair restoration treatments are non-surgical. If you are ready to reverse your hair loss, contact our office online or call us in New York at (212) 826-2525.

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