Can I Dye My Transplanted Hair?

March 9, 2019 — by Robert True
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A woman's head of highlighted hairHair loss treatment can restore hair volume and fullness, helping those losing their hair to enjoy a natural looking and feeling head of hair. Many people wonder if they will need to care or treat their hair differently after hair transplant surgery.

At True & Dorin in New York, NY, Drs. Robert J. Dorin and Robert H. True discuss hair transplant aftercare, including any questions about dying your hair after a hair transplant.

Can Transplanted Hair Be Dyed?

Transplanted hair looks, feels, and grows like natural hair because it is natural hair. Transplanted hair is harvested from a discreet area of the scalp. The harvested individual hair follicles are then placed in areas of thinning or balding. As the scalp heals, the follicles will take root and continue to grow as they had before they were transplanted, providing natural looking results.

In addition to acting and looking like the rest of the hair, transplanted hair doesn't need to be treated any differently. This means it can be cut and colored. However, it's important to wait for sensitive hair follicles to settle into the scalp and for the scalp to heal before using hair dyes.

How Long Should You Wait to Dye Your Hair?

While it is possible to dye the hair after a hair transplant, it is important to wait several weeks because newly implanted hair follicles are sensitive. Harsh dyes can interfere with their growth during recovery.

It is recommended that patients wait at least four weeks to six weeks, or until the scalp has completely healed, before dying the hair. Waiting for the scalp to completely heal will prevent damage or injury to the newly implanted follicles, allowing optimum hair growth results to develop.

With that said, newly transplanted hair follicles can take several months to fully grow in. Some may find that it is not necessary to color their hair until the newly transplanted follicles grow to a noticeable length.

Consider Going to a Hair Salon Rather than Using At-home Dyes

Transplanted hair grows just like the rest of the hair and can be treated the same once the scalp is fully healed. Those who colored their hair before treatment or want to start coloring after treatment are free to do so after the recommended recovery period.

At-home dyes can be used but it may be worth seeing a trained colorist at a salon when first dying the hair after a hair transplant. A skilled colorist can help make sure the right color is used and choose a product that will be less harsh on the scalp and hair.

If you are using an at-home product, it's important to follow all instructions. Do a patch test to make sure the scalp can tolerate the dye.

Dye Your Hair before Treatment

Those who don't want to go several weeks without dying their hair after hair transplant surgery may benefit from dying their hair shortly before treatment. This can help cover grays until the scalp is healed enough for the hair to be dyed again.

If you are dying your hair before hair transplant surgery, it's important to dye the hair a few days before surgery.

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