Styling Your Hair After Transplant Surgery By Robert True on February 21, 2019

Man styling his hairThe results of a hair transplant can be phenomenal. You’ll have a head of hair that looks natural and grows naturally as well, and experienced improved confidence and self-image thanks to the expertise of True & Dorin Medical Group. Whether you undergo surgical restoration with transplants or non-surgical hair loss treatment, New York, NY surgeons Dr. Robert J. Dorin and Dr. Robert H. True are here to help.

As you recover from hair transplant surgery, there are certain things to keep in mind in terms of hair care and hair styling. Let’s cover the basics below so you have a good understanding of what to expect.

How You Treat Your Hair Matters

After undergoing hair restoration surgery, your scalp and your transplanted follicles will need to heal fully and properly. If the follicles are not treated properly in these first days of recovery, it could lead to problems with the overall outcomes of your surgery.

A good rule is to go easy on your scalp while you are healing. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot do, be sure to consult with your surgeon first.


Even mild shampoos can have a negative impact on the scalp after your hair transplant surgery. You’ll want to avoid using shampoo for at least two weeks after the procedure has been completed.

Once you’re cleared to use shampoo again, be sure to start with baby shampoo at first. The follicles will still be in a fragile state, so you want to avoid using any harsh chemicals that could affect the scalp during this initial phase.

Hair Dryers

In the first week after hair transplant surgery, avoid using a hair dryer or towel to dry your hair. It’s best to just let your hair dry naturally to avoid problems with the scalp, both with the newly placed follicles and the donor area.

It will take a little time before you can use your hair dryer again. When you use the blow dryer, be sure to start with a low setting until your surgeon advises you otherwise.

Hair Styling Products

Mousse, hair gel, and hairspray can all pose some hazards to a healing scalp. Wait at least two weeks before using any of these products on your hair. Check with your surgeon about any products you intend to use as they could contain harmful chemicals that affect your final results.

Dying Your Hair

Hair dyes may contain chemicals that can adversely affect the health of your transplanted follicles and lead to problems with your scalp. Avoid using any sort of hair dye for at least three weeks after your surgery. Consult your surgeon before applying hair dye again.


Barbers and stylists can often pull and tug at your hair in a brusque manner. For this reason, you’ll want to avoid getting your hair cut for at least three weeks after surgery.

When your donor follicles being to grow, you can consult with your surgeon and your stylist on what new hairstyle would be right for you.

Learn More About Hair Restoration

To learn more about hair restoration surgery and what you can do to ensure the best results possible, be sure to contact our team of hair restoration specialists. The team at True & Dorin Medical Group is here to help. You can reach our surgeons by phone at (866) 629-0866.

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