Eyebrow Restoration and Transplantation: Who Is a Candidate? By Robert True on July 30, 2017

A woman's eye up closeAfter losing your eyebrows or experiencing thinning of your eyebrows, it may be difficult to determine what can be done to restore the eyebrows. While one could use eyebrow pencils to restore the fullness of the eyebrows or facial tattoos to create the illusion of eyebrows, a hair transplant can be performed to replace the missing eyebrows.

True & Dorin Medical Group in New York is proud to offer eyebrow restoration and transplantation surgery, and we're pleased to note that many patients are satisfied with the results. Let's consider the basics off eyebrow restoration and then explore some concerns for candidacy.

About Eyebrow Restoration

In essence, eyebrow restoration works just like a traditional hair transplant procedure. Donor hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp. They are then placed along the eyebrow area, either filling the entire eyebrow region or adding volume to the remaining eyebrow hair. Patients will need to trim their eyebrows regularly after eyebrow restoration to maintain proper length, but the overall appearance of their eyebrows will be natural in terms of density and angle of the hair.

General Candidates for Eyebrow Restoration

Good candidates for eyebrow restoration are people who are missing their eyebrows or have experienced thinning of the eyebrows. They should be in good overall health and have enough viable hair in the back of their scalp from which to harvest donor follicles.

Ideal for Certain Kinds of Eyebrow Issues

Eyebrow restoration is a good treatment options for certain kinds of hair loss that affects the eyebrows.

The procedure is most ideal for people who have suffered from the following kinds of hair loss:

  • Genetic lack, loss, or thinning of eyebrows
  • Hair loss due to excessive plucking
  • Eyebrow loss due to trauma

People who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, and medical conditions that cause eyebrows to fall out may not be ideal candidates for the procedure. It's important that cause and general candidacy be carefully assessed before proceeding with treatment.

Understanding the Risks and Benefits

Since eyebrow restoration is surgical, there are some risks and benefits that need to be considered by patients. While the results may be good cosmetically and natural, patients must not the potential for poor outcomes, scarring issues, and infection. Knowing the pros and cons allows patients to make empowered choices about the surgery and if it's right for them.

Realistic Expectations About Eyebrow Restoration

As with any hair restoration procedure, having realistic expectations about treatment is an important part of recovery and patient satisfaction. Prior to the restoration procedure, we can show patients before and after photos and discuss proper trimming and grooming of the eyebrows. Knowing what the procedure entails with honest assessment from hair transplant experts is the sure way for patients to make confident choices about their many treatment options.

Learn More About Eyebrow Restoration Surgery

To learn more about eyebrow restoration surgery can how it can help you look your best, it's important that you contact True & Dorin Medical Group today. Our team will custom tailor their treatment to meet your needs.

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