Are You a Good Candidate for a Beard Transplant? By Robert True on June 30, 2017

A man with a full beard, thanks to a beard transplant, embracing his wifeThese days, full, thick beards are fashionable among men of all ages and of all walks of life. They signify masculinity, maturity, and a certain pride in being a man. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to grow a full beard, whether due to genetics, injury, or prior hair removal. It is with these men in mind that Dr. Robert True and Dr. Robert Dorin proudly offer the beard transplant procedure at their hair loss clinic.

The beard transplant procedure gives virtually any man the chance to have the full beard he desires, covering his entire face from ear to ear. Drs. True and Dorin carefully evaluate beard transplant candidates at their practice serving New Jersey, New York, and Boston, making sure that they are likely to fully benefit from the procedure before permitting them to proceed. Fortunately, most men are suitable candidates for beard transplant surgery.

Do you wish you had a fuller, thicker beard? If so, we urge you to find out whether you are a good candidate for beard transplant surgery by scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Robert True or Dr. Robert Dorin today.

Candidacy for Beard Transplant Surgery

Beard transplant surgery uses the same technology that is used to perform hair transplant surgery. Therefore, you must have sufficient hairs in a donor area that adequately match the color and texture of your beard in order to be a good candidate for the procedure. In general, this is not a problem for the vast majority of candidates.

You are probably a good candidate for beard transplant surgery if you:

  • Have thinning or uneven patches of growth in your beard
  • Have scarring in the beard region from surgeries, burns, or another traumatic event that you would like to conceal
  • Simply want to have a thicker, fuller beard than you currently have
  • Want to achieve a fuller, thicker mustache
  • Want to have fuller, thicker sideburns

Drs. True and Dorin can also harvest hair from the beard to transplant to the head for patients who have insufficient donor hair in the scalp.

Patients must have realistic expectations for the outcome of the beard transplant procedure, understanding that results are not instantaneous. It takes approximately three months for the transplanted beard hairs to start to grow in with the original beard hairs, at which point there should be no sign that surgery was ever performed.

As with their hair transplant surgeries, Drs. True and Dorin are masters of achieving remarkably natural results through beard transplant surgery. They will discuss all possible side effects and risks with candidates prior to surgery; good candidates will understand and be willing to accept these side effects and risks. However, patients are in excellent hands with our accomplished hair surgeons and should expect outstanding results.

Learn More about Beard Transplant Surgery

If you would like to find out whether you are a good candidate for beard transplant surgery, we encourage you to contact our hair restoration clinic today.

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