Secondary Hair Transplants after Further Hair Loss By Robert True on January 31, 2017

A man examining his hairline in the mirror - he has suffered further hair loss after his initial hair transplantAt True & Dorin Medical Group, we often perform secondary hair transplants to correct the unsatisfactory results of a prior hair transplant using outdated techniques. Because our surgeons use only the most advanced hair loss treatment techniques, they are able to give these dissatisfied patients a second chance at a natural-looking head full of their own healthy, growing hair. However, secondary hair transplants are not always corrective in nature, and they’re not always a bad thing.

In some cases, secondary hair transplants are performed to compensate for the effects of further hair loss. Especially among patients who undergo hair transplant surgery in the earlier stages of their pattern hair loss, secondary hair transplant surgery may be necessary or even planned in advance. Hair restoration specialists Robert True and Robert Dorin discuss the possibility of secondary hair transplants after further hair loss during consultations at their New York, NY hair loss clinic with patients who may be candidates for such procedures.

If you would like to learn more about secondary hair transplant surgery of any sort, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at True & Dorin Medical Group today.

Candidates for Secondary Hair Transplants after Further Hair Loss

Many people choose to undergo hair transplant surgery before the full extent of their hair loss has unfolded. This is a perfectly fine choice, especially in the modern day, when hair transplant surgery can be combined with medical therapies that help to maintain the existing hair in the crown area along with the newly transplanted hair. However, over time, much of the non-transplanted hair in the crown area may continue to fall out, resulting in thinning or balding areas among the areas replenished with transplanted hair. In such cases, secondary hair transplant surgery may be advisable.

Often, Drs. True and Dorin perform secondary hair transplant surgery for patients who have lost further hair after having undergone hair transplant surgery at another hair loss clinic. In many of these cases, the hair transplant surgeries were not planned with a proper understanding of the likely hair loss pattern in mind; therefore, coverage of the likely areas of thinning was not optimal. This can generally be corrected quite easily with a secondary surgery.

At True & Dorin Medical Group, every attempt is made to set appropriate expectations from the start. Our hair restorations specialists analyze the individual patient’s hair loss to determine its likely pattern and plan the hair restoration treatment accordingly. If a secondary hair transplant surgery seems likely in the future, they advise the patient honestly of this fact. They also plan the initial hair restoration treatment so that any future surgery can be delayed for as long as possible, through a combination of medical treatments and strategic placement of hair transplants.

Learn More about Secondary Hair Transplants after Further Hair Loss

To learn more about secondary hair transplants after further hair loss, please contact True & Dorin Medical Group today.

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