The Benefits of ACell with PRP Hair Restoration By Robert True on July 30, 2016

A man brushing his hairOur hair restoration specialists offer the people of New York and other cities of the East Coast some of the most state-of-the-art hair loss treatment available. This means the latest in surgical techniques and technology as well as exciting advances in non-surgical hair restoration.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) and ACell are two such treatments that avoid the need for surgery while helping people have great hair. Let's look at each and then consider the benefits when both are combined.

About ACell

ACell refers to a special protein that is derived from pig bladders. These stem cells have great regenerative properties, and are specially treated to avoid allergic reactions and to ensure safety for human use. When used and injected on the scalp, ACell can help restore dormant hair follicles, increasing their ability to grow hair and also improving the quality of the hair that is grown.

About PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP refers to a concentration of your own plasma that is derived from your own blood. Using centrifugal force, the platelet's in a patient's blood can be isolated and extracted. The platelets play a crucial part in wound healing in your body. This PRP can be injected into the scalp in areas where hair is thinning to help promote hair growth.

Combined with ACell treatment, hair restoration is possible without the need for traditional surgical grafting.

Good Candidates for ACell with PRP

Good candidates for ACell + PRP treatment are people who would like to have their hair loss and hair thinning addressed without having to undergo a full hair restoration surgery with grafts. They should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the treatment process and what it involves.

A Non-Surgical Solution to Hair Loss

One of the biggest benefits of ACell with PRP is that there is no surgery involved. Careful injections can help promote hair regrowth, meaning there are no issues with time off of work, scares related to infection, and other common issues related to surgical recovery. PRP and ACell in combination means thicker and better-quality hair with repeat treatments.

Little Chance of Scarring

Since there are no incisions made during ACell or PRP treatment, that means that there are no issues with scarring or scar tissue. This is very important to consider if you have a family history of keloids or other issues linked to wound healing. If that's the case, ACell and PRP might be just what you need.

ACell and PRP Results Can Be Quite Positive

The results of ACell and PRP can be great, and for some patients may prove better than undergoing hair restoration surgery. The hair that's regrown and regenerated looks natural and grows natural, which means no one will realize that you've undergoing a hair restoration procedure.

Contact Our Team of Hair Restoration Specialists

To learn more about different hair restoration options and how they can help you, be sure to contact our team of hair restoration specialists today. Our team will help tailor a treatment to meet your needs.

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