Dr. Dorin Featured in Time, Harper's Bazaar Magazines

April 30, 2014 — by Robert True
Tags: Dr Dorin Hair Loss Time Magazine Harpers Bazaar

Eyebrow transplants---It may sound new but Dr. Dorin knows the procedure very well. He's been performing the procedure for more than a decade. Many magazines and online publications including TIME and Harper's Bazaar are taking notice and including Dr. Dorin's expertise in recent articles.

Here's an excerpt from TIME: Harper’s Bazaar spoke to Dr. Robert Dorin, a NYC Hair Restoration Specialist (because yes, this is 2014 and that is a real thing), about the “technically-demanding procedure.” While Dorin says he has been performing the procedure for 12 years, he’s noticed an uptick in demand recently. He says the permanent procedure, which is meant to jumpstart growth and can take up to 10-12 months for a full renewal, is often requested by women who have over-groomed, along with a number of other reasons.

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