Will Insurance Cover Any Hair Transplant Costs?

March 20, 2014 — by Robert True
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New York Hair Transplant InsuranceHair transplant costs are a significant factor when contemplating treatment and many people inquire whether insurance will pay for it. Unfortunately, insurance rarely covers the costs of a hair transplant.

Insurance coverage for hair loss is typically limited to payment for reconstructive surgery, which may occur as a result of burns or trauma. Otherwise, hair transplants are considered a cosmetic surgery and therefore not covered.

Though hair transplantation costs can add up, you should compare those costs with the long-term costs of other measures and factor in what value you place on your appearance.

If you are considering a hair transplant, Dr. Robert True and Dr. Robert Dorin, board-certified hair transplantation surgeons in New York, can discuss hair transplant insurance and explain the factors involved in hair transplantation costs. The True & Dorin Medical Group provides ultra-refined surgical hair transplantation and comprehensive medical advice for treating hair loss.

Cost Factors

Multiple factors affect the cost of hair transplantation, including:

  • The extent of hair loss.
  • Donor hair characteristics, including how thick each hair is, hair texture, and hair color as compared to skin color.
  • Your goals for hair restoration.
  • The type of transplant procedure and number of sessions.
  • The surgeon’s skill and expertise.

Of course, cost is not the only factor when considering hair transplant surgery. Care should be taken in selecting an experienced and board-certified surgeon with a well-run hair loss clinic.True & Dorin have more than two decades of experience and have performed hundreds of hair restoration procedures safely and successfully.

At True & Dorin, fees and hair transplantation costs are based on the type and scope of the procedure. Many people undergo follicular unit transplantation (FUT), follicular unit extraction (FUE), or a combination of the two. To determine the total cost of a restoration, a personal consultation is necessary since so many factors influence treatment.

True & Dorin has financing options for people who prefer to spread the cost over a longer period. All the True & Dorin clinics in Boston, New Jersey, and New Yorkaccept financing through CareCredit® and Springstone®.

Next Steps

If you want to seriously investigate your options for hair transplantation, we recommend plotting a course:

  • Schedule a consultation to find out what hair transplantation would involve for you. Discuss what your expectations are and find out how much surgery you will need.
  • Determine what you can pay upfront. The more you can pay out of your pocket, the less you will have to finance, saving you money in the long run.
  • Find out what financing options are available and compare the costs.
  • Find out the costs of putting the treatment on your charge card. Shop around for credit card promotions and consider the benefits of using a card with a customer rewards program.

Take The First Step

We recommend scheduling a consultation to go over your expectations and determine the cost of transplantation by a highly qualified hair restoration surgeon. A personal consultation is essential for diagnosing your hair loss and designing a treatment plan targeting the results you want.  Please call for an appointment.