How Quickly Can I Expect Hair Growth after a Hair Transplant? By Robert True on October 14, 2013

Manhattan Hair Transplant Growth RatesAt True & Dorin, our hair loss doctors understand that thinning hair can be a sensitive issue for our patients. A receding hair line or hair that has lost its volume can make a person feel self-conscious and less attractive. That is why we offer our patients a variety of hair loss treatments to restore volume and promote hair growth. A hair transplant can be particularly effective in giving patients a fuller and more natural looking head of hair. While a hair transplant produces excellent long-term results, we want our patients in Manhattan to have reasonable expectations for hair transplant growth rates. Having realistic expectations for the results of this procedure is an important part of preparing for a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Options

While there are many options available for treating hair loss, a hair transplant is the most effective in promoting hair growth and creating natural looking, full hair. At our hair loss clinic, we have two methods of hair transplant that are particularly effective. We offer our patients the strip procedure and the follicular unit extraction procedure. While each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, both procedures result in good scalp healing and a uniform distribution and density of the hair. However, with either technique, patients should realize that hair growth will not occur over night.

Hair Transplant Growth Rates

Following a hair transplant, it will take time for the follicles to become established and promote hair growth. It is important to know what to expect throughout the healing process.

  • Three to five weeks after transplant: At about three to five weeks following a hair transplant, most patients will notice that the follicles that have been transplanted begin to shed. While it may seem alarming to experience hair loss, this is actually completely normal and should not be cause for alarm. This is a dormant phase that is only temporary.
  • One to three months after transplant: As early as a month after the hair transplant, but typically around three months following the procedure, most patients will experience their first new hair growth. Most patients will notice just a few sprouts of hair and this hair may seem thin and fine. Again, this is a normal phase of hair growth. This hair will gradually thicken over time.
  • Six months after transplant: By the sixth month following a hair transplant, most patients will experience significant hair growth. By this point, the hair should be longer and thicker than those initial sprouts of hair growth.
  • 12 months after transplant: By a year after the hair transplant, patients will have likely reached their maximum hair growth and density. This hair will continue to grow for the patient’s lifetime and can be cared for and styled just as natural hair.

As a patient recovers from a hair transplant, our doctors will monitor healing and hair growth to ensure that everything is proceeding as expected.

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At True & Dorin we offer our patients realistic hair restoration solutions. If you are looking for a way to restore hair growth and volume, our doctors can help you find an effective solution. Schedule an appointment with our hair loss doctors at your earliest convenience to learn more about our hair transplant procedures. We look forward to hearing from you!

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