Hair Transplantation and Complication Rates By Robert True on June 21, 2013

New York Hair Transplant Complication RatesAll surgeries carry some degree of risk, and hair transplant surgery is no exception. In a study published in 2009 by a group of researchers led by Sandro Salanitri, the rate of complications in a group of 417 men and 17 women who underwent a total of 533 hair transplant procedures was 4.7 percent, with the most common complication being enlarged scar (1.4 percent). The study concludes, quite sensibly, that:

Good communication between patient and surgeon, a complete clinical and laboratory assessment of the patient, accurate surgical technique, specific equipment, a trained surgical team, and careful postoperative attention to the patient are crucial for successful hair transplantation and for decreasing complication rates.

At the hair loss clinic of True & Dorin in New York, our hair transplant complication rates are kept to an absolute minimum because we offer all of the above and more. Our hair restoration experts have years of experience and an unrivaled history of success in producing exceptional results for patients who undergo surgical hair restoration. We have refined our techniques - the True & Dorin Strip Procedure (FUT) and the True & Dorin Extraction Procedure (FUE) - to the extent that they have become remarkably predictable in terms of their outcomes. Indeed, the long-term follicle survival for the FUT - follicular unit transplantation - procedure is between 98 and 100 percent, while the long-term survival of follicles taken from the scalp and the beard area for the FUE procedure is between 94 and 95 percent. Complications are extremely rare in both techniques.

Dr. Robert H. True and Dr. Robert J. Dorin are both among the most esteemed hair transplant surgeons in the nation, and are considered experts not only in hair restoration but also in the avoidance of complications in hair transplant surgery. In fact, at the 26th annual scientific meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. True was a featured speaker at the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Workshop. Along with Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat, he discussed how many of the complications associated with hair restoration surgery, including postoperative infections, poor hair growth, shock loss of transplanted hair, and hair loss in the donor areas, are avoidable. Dr. True emphasized that hair restoration surgeons must have the ability to recognize and anticipate potential complications and know how to minimize them and, if they occur, how to respond to them.

From the moment you first enter the doors of our hair loss clinic through to postoperative care, you will know at every moment that you have entrusted your hair restoration to the very best among experts. At True & Dorin, we have every confidence that we can produce the best possible hair restoration results for you, with an absolute minimal risk of complications or side effects.

For further information about hair transplant surgery, hair transplant complications, hair transplant success rates, and other issues related to hair restoration, please call or email our hair loss clinic today. We would be pleased to answer whatever questions you might have and help you understand the hair transplantation process.

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