Hair Growth Timeline for Hair Transplant Surgery By Robert True on May 20, 2013

Hair Growth Timeline for Hair Transplant SurgeryMale pattern baldness can cause rather drastic hair loss by the time a man reaches his thirties or middle age. Hair restoration surgery makes it possible for the hair loss to be reversed and for men to have a healthy head of hair that grows naturally and looks natural as well.

One of the major questions we get asked by prospective patients is how soon they can expect to see results. It will take time for the final results to show, but when they do, we think patients will be pleased. The team at our Boston, New Jersey, and New York hair loss clinics would like to take a few moments right now to provide a basic treatment and hair growth timeline.

What Patients Can Expect in the First Weeks After Surgery

In the first two weeks after surgery, patients will usually experience swelling and discomfort, which is normal. The treatment area will usually scab over and the scabs will fall out naturally by the end of two weeks.

By the three-week or four-week mark, the transplanted hairs will usually fall out. Do not worry, however. This is a normal part of the healing process and part of the dormant phase of the hair grafts.

During this early stage of healing, you'll meet with our hair restoration surgeons in New York for follow-up visits. We also encourage patients to speak with our team at any point of recovery if there are any concerns or questions they have.

Hair Growth at the Two-month to Three-month Period

About two or three months after surgery, new hair growth will begin. This new hair will often be thin and fine, though with time the new hair will thicken. Ingrown hairs are also common during this phase, though these issues will resolve on their own given time. Patients should not pick or scratch at these ingrown hairs so as not to damage the grafts.

Hair Growth at the Four-month to Six-month Period

By the half-year mark of surgical hair loss treatments, roughly half or more of the hair grafts will yield hair growth. The hair length by this time will be between two to three inches, and you should notice improved thickness of the new hair.

Hair Growth at the Eight-month to Ten-month Period

By this point post-surgery, the hair length, hair thickness, and hair density will be extremely good. Patients will notice a major difference in their appearance, even compared to hair growth at the four-to-six-month period.

Hair Growth One Year After Surgery and Beyond

Generally one year after the hair restoration surgery, patients will experience the final results. Any hair that has grown by this point will continue to grow on the patient's head for the rest of his life. Sometimes additional improvements in density and thickness will occur a few months after the one-year mark.

Other Considerations for Hair Restoration Treatments

In addition to New York follicular unit transplantation, we can also assist patients who would prefer non-surgical techniques for hair growth and hair restoration. We will provide our expertise and advice and help these patients make wise decisions about the hair restoration and regrowth process.

Learn More About Hair Restoration

For more information about the different treatments available for male pattern baldness and and other kinds of hair loss, be sure to contact our hair restoration surgery and transplant centers in New York City, Boston, Long Island, and New Jersey. Our entire team of hair restoration experts looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you have a healthy head of hair again.

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