Hair Transplant Success Rates By Robert True on April 22, 2013

New York Hair Transplant Success RatesAt the New York hair loss clinic of True & Dorin, our doctors are not simply experienced, highly successful hair transplant surgeons. They are true pioneers in the field of hair restoration. Their history of success and patient satisfaction places them among the elite providers of hair transplant surgery. The practice continues to grow as more and more patients discover the difference that superior surgical skills, a refined eye for aesthetics, and use of the most advanced and effective techniques and technologies can make in the natural-looking restoration of hair.

At True & Dorin in New York, hair transplant success rates are not necessarily measured in the same way as they are at other hair loss clinics. This is because the definition of “success” can be somewhat ambiguous in the field of hair restoration. Is a hair transplant “successful” simply because the majority of the transplanted hair follicles survived the process? Or because the balding areas were no longer as visible after surgery?

True & Dorin does not measure success by these standards alone. We consider ourselves truly successful when our patients are pleased with their results. By this standard, we are one of the most successful and renowned hair restorations centers not only in New York, but in the entire world. And we have the before-and-after photographs, professional accolades, and long list of satisfied patients to back up this claim.

If you are experiencing thinning hair or living with the effects of pattern baldness, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our hair transplant surgeons today. We will happily answer whatever questions you have, evaluate your hair loss, and do whatever we can to ensure the success of your hair transplantation. Simply contact our hair loss center in New York today.

Hair Loss Success Rates: The Raw Numbers

In terms of raw numbers, the success rates of hair transplantation using either the follicular unit transplantation technique or the minimally invasive follicular unit extraction technique are extremely high. At our hair loss clinic in New York, follicular unit transplantation patients experience:

  • A long-term follicle survival rate of 98 percent to 100 percent
  • A rate of damage to follicles during transplantation of, at worst, 1 to 2 percent

The follicular unit extraction technique allows for the transplantation of hair not only from the scalp but also the beard and body. Follicular unit extraction patients generally experience:

  • A long-term follicle survival rate of 94 to 95 percent for scalp and beard hair
  • A long-term follicle survival rate of 75 to 85 percent for body hair
  • A rate of damage to follicles during transplantation of between 1 and 5 percent

Hair Loss Success Rates: Patient Satisfaction

Be wary of hair loss clinics that boast “nearly 100 percent success rates,” but cannot produce much evidence that they have produced consistently satisfactory results for their patients. At True & Dorin, we help to ensure the satisfaction of our patients by:

  • Communicating clearly and honestly with them, helping them to establish reasonable expectations from the start
  • Carefully evaluating their scalp and pattern of hair loss in determining their candidacy for hair transplantation
  • Recommending the procedure most likely to produce the results they are looking for given their goals and needs
  • Holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality and safety

As a result, we have a record of patient satisfaction that we can proudly stand by.

For further information, please contact our New York hair loss clinic today.

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At The Hair Loss Doctors with our Surgical Headquarters in Garden City, NY and clinics in Manhattan, NY; Boston, MA; and Short Hills, NJ, Dr. Robert J. Dorin helps men and women reverse the effects of hair loss through various surgical and non-surgical treatments including Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. Our Founder & Medical Director is affiliated with:

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