The Progression and Stages of Male Hair Loss

January 20, 2013 — by Robert True
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The Progression and Stages of Male Hair LossMale pattern baldness doesn't occur all at once. It's a gradual process that occurs over many years, but there are stages and signs of this sort of hair loss that individuals can take note of. The team at our Boston and New York hair loss clinics would like to look at the various stages of male pattern baldness right now so that you have a good understanding of the condition.

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern hair loss is the most common kind of baldness in men. An estimated 95% of men who are bald or balding experience hair loss as a result of male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is genetic, and there is a 4 in 7 chance of men inheriting the gene that results in this kind of hair loss. It's the most common kind of hair loss that our hair restoration surgeons in New York and Boston treat.

Stage I of Male Pattern Baldness

The first stage of male pattern baldness involves no hair hair loss. It's the hairline a person has at adolescence.

Stage II of Male Pattern Baldness

Stage II is when the adult hairline is defined. Very mild hair loss sometimes occurs at this stage, and is usually focused in the front part of the hairline.

Stage III of Male Pattern Baldness

This third stage of male pattern baldness is when a relatively significant amount of hair loss occurs at the temples and the crown of the head. At this point, a man may want to look into various hair loss treatment options, though for some people, such options are only considered in further progression of hair loss.

Stage IV of Male Pattern Baldness

Stage IV is a further progression of hair loss at the temples and crown. The recession of the hairline can be quite pronounced at this stage.

Stage V of Male Pattern Baldness

When male pattern hair loss reaches the fifth stage, it can now be considered severe hair loss. At this point, there is less division between the hair loss at the front of the hairline and the hair loss located at the crown of the head.

Stage VI of Male Pattern Baldness

At stage VI, the division between frontal hair loss and hair loss at the crown is reduced even further. The hair loss is generally spread over the entire central portion of the man's scalp.

Stage VII of Male Pattern Baldness

At this most advanced stage of hair loss, the hair on the top of the scalp is gone. All that remains is hair at the sides and back of the man's head.

Treatment Options to Consider

If you are concerned about hair loss, there are a number of surgical and non-surgical options to consider. Some patients may consider undergoing New York follicular unit transplantation, for instance, while other may consider toupees or medications. We will be sure to assess your situation and go over all of your options for hair restoration in full detail.

Lear More About Hair Loss and Your Restoration Options

For more information on balding and your many different options for hair restoration, contact our New York and Boston hair loss treatment centers today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and giving you all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about all of your treatment options.