Understanding the Benefits of Hair Restoration vs. Wigs

Row of wigs on mannequin headsFaced with hair loss or thinning, we find many of our patients comparing hair restoration vs. wigs as viable solutions. Both options have unique benefits for the right patients. Important considerations include cost, permanence, and your aesthetic goal. Dr. Robert True and Dr. Robert Dorin can help you determine which solution is the best fit for your needs so that you can efficiently achieve your hair restoration goals. At True and Dorin Medical Group, we provide resources and individualized treatment to ensure that patients in Manhattan, NYC, and other communities in greater NYC are completely satisfied with their results. 

Concealing Hair Loss with Wigs

Wigs have significantly improved over the last few decades, providing the wearer with natural-looking hair that also feels real. This option is often preferred by patients who do not want to commit to the initial financial investment or permanence of a hair transplant procedure. Wigs are ideal for patients who: 

  • Suffer from diffuse baldness which can result from certain hair loss causes 
  • Have reached the stage of complete baldness 
  • Burn or trauma victims that have suffered injuries to the scalp

However, wigs may also have drawbacks for certain patients, such as ongoing maintenance costs. Typically, wigs will need to be serviced regularly since natural oils and other debris can affect their cleanliness and appearance. If you are not completely bald, wigs can also cause traumatic alopecia as it will rub or pull on hair depending on the method used to secure it. 

Some patients find that wigs are a convenient and interchangeable solution that allows them more freedom. However, others prefer a treatment that will allow them to regrow their own natural hair. 

Hair Restoration Surgery 

Hair transplantation procedures, such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), are highly effective solutions for patients who want predictable, long-lasting hair restoration. For these procedures, hair follicles are harvested from the donor site. These grafts are then used for regrowth in areas affected by hair loss. Most importantly, the hair that grows back will look like the rest of the hair on patients' heads for natural-looking results. 

Both wigs and hair transplant surgery have unique benefits for the right patients.

While hair transplantation is a popular choice for many of our patients, not everyone is eligible. In order for the procedure to provide optimal results, patients must have substantial hair available in the donor site. As women generally suffer from diffuse hair loss, they are usually not candidates for hair transplant procedures. Our doctors can provide a complete evaluation to determine the cause of your hair loss and your treatment options

Treatment at True and Dorin Medical Group

Hair loss can cause patients to feel isolated, but our team is here to help you restore your self-confidence and find a solution you are comfortable with. Dr. Dorin and Dr. True have helped many patients achieve their hair restoration goals with treatment, guidance, and efficient care. If you are seeking professional hair loss advice, contact us online or call us at (866) 269-0866.