Reviewing FUT Cost and Benefits

Many people considering follicular unit transplantation (FUT) have a number of questions and concerns about the treatment. Drs. Robert True and Robert Dorin can help you understand FUT cost and benefits during a consultation at our offices serving Manhattan, NYC, and other communities in the greater New York metro area. Respected for our years of expertise, we have guided thousands of patients towards their goals of fuller, healthier hairlines with FUT and other hair restoration therapies. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and begin your hair restoration journey.

What Determines the Cost of FUT?

Smiling blond man in glassesWhen considering all of the available options for hair restoration, cost is often an important component of the decision-making process. As each hair restoration patient is unique, so too is their treatment. Costs can fluctuate greatly, depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • The extent of hair loss before beginning treatment
  • Probability of future hair loss
  • Availability of hair at the donor site
  • Color and texture of the donor hair
  • Patient’s desired results

The only way to accurately determine the costs of your treatment is to have a consultation with one of our hair restoration experts. At this time, your doctor will examine all the above variables, and review your medical history. From there, you and your doctor can decide the best treatment plan to help you achieve the hairline you have always wanted.

FUT Cost Savings

Many patients with extensive hair loss or thinning prefer to have FUT surgery over follicular unit extraction (FUE). When using the strip method (FUT), our doctors are able to maximize the number of follicular units harvested, which minimizes the number of surgical sessions required. In fact, many of our patients can have their FUT performed in a single session. Because this procedure is less time and labor intensive when compared to FUE, we are generally able to offer it at a lower cost to patients.

As a further convenience to patients, True & Dorin offers financing options to make your hair restoration affordable. We believe in providing exceptional hair restoration solutions that can fit into your budget. In addition, we also offer a special incentive for patients with flexible schedules with our standby program. If you have completed your lab work, have been recommended for treatment by one of our doctors, and are able to schedule your procedure on short notice when we have an opening, you can enjoy additional savings.

FUT Benefits

Many patients feel that the benefits of a FUT procedure are worth the financial costs. Consider the following advantages of FUT:

  • Convenience – many procedures are completed with a single surgery
  • High quality grafts – FUT often produces higher quality grafts for a better-looking hairline
  • High quantity of grafts – as many as 4,000 hairs can be grafted during one FUT session, making it the preferred option for patients with extensive balding or thinning
  • Increased self confidence – your FUT procedure can dramatically improve the density of your hair for years, giving you an improved sense of self

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