Will the Transplanted Hair Look Artificial?

True & Dorin's ultra-refined follicular unit hair transplantation technique assures patients visiting our offices in Manhattan, NYC, and throughout greater NYC that their transplanted hair will appear completely natural because we accurately reproduce all aspects of follicular unit architecture.

What we try to do is really recreate what was there before they had lost their hair. We don’t try to create anything unnatural. We try to follow direction and angle of hair that was on their head before. - Dr. Dorin

Transplanted Hair Will Have a Fuller and Natural Appearance

After hair restoration

After hair restoration

"It’s their own natural living hair. They can go to their hairstylist, have it cut, have it washed, anyway that they want." - Dr. Dorin

Before and after hair restoration pictures

Close up of man's thick and wavy hair

Man's hairline

Close up of man's scalp and hair

Before and after hair restoration part

Close up shots of man's scalp

Video: Natural-Looking Transplant Results

Dr. Dorin talks about what results a patient can typically expect from a hair transplantation.

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