FUE and FUT Hair Transplantation vs. Other Methods

Human hairs grow in follicular units of one hair to four hairs. With the use of today's advanced microtechnology techniques, Robert J. Dorin and Robert H. True can now produce completely natural-looking results without the clumpy “doll's head” look of the old, large slit or round grafts. The tiny grafts can be placed very close together now (50 to 70 per square centimeter), producing uniformity of hair distribution and accurate reproduction of normal hair architecture for patients in Manhattan, NYC, and throughout greater NYC.

Hair restoration patient
With an outdated restoration procedure, this patient was not able to achieve the fuller, thicker hair he desired.
Hair restoration patient
The more advanced techniques offered at True & Dorin delivered a fuller, more natural-looking appearance. 

FUT, FUE vs. other hair restoration graphics

Donor sites can be precisely oriented to reproduce the natural flow and contour of hair across scalp zones. Single hairs are strategically placed along the hairline and center of the whorl; one to two hair grafts are used in the adjacent zones and part lines; and two to four hair grafts are used elsewhere. Strategic placement produces soft margins, transition zones, and interior density. 

With today's advanced techniques, we can produce uniformity of hair distribution and an accurate reproduction of normal hair architecture.

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