Hair Loss Caused by Overstyling

At True & Dorin Medical Group, our doctors often treat patients who have suffered hair loss caused by overstyling. Overstyling can involve using the wrong styling tools, or the overuse of certain hair products. This can cause significant damage to a patient's hair and hair follicles, resulting in brittle, frizzy, and weakened hair that falls out more easily. Drs. Robert True and Robert Dorin offer several different treatment options to help patients from Manhattan, NYC, and communities throughout greater NYC restore their hairlines after experiencing hair loss caused by overstyling.

Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Many patients are aware that using harsh chemicals on their scalp can affect hair growth, but few understand some of the more common mistakes that can be made when caring for their hair. 

woman drying hairTowel Drying

Drying your hair roughly with a towel can cause extensive damage to the cuticles, which are the outer layer of each strand of hair. When your hair is wet, it swells, leaving it vulnerable to damage when it comes into contact with a towel. Our doctors advise patients to allow their hair to air dry before using a towel.

Aggressive Brushing

Using a brush or a comb aggressively can damage the hair strand itself in addition to the cuticle and follicle. While it may be impossible to completely avoid pulling out strands of hair when brushing, if you are noticing an excessive amount of hair in your comb, it may be a sign that you are brushing too hard. 

Using the wrong types of hair products containing harmful ingredients may be damaging your hair.

Ultraviolet Light

Most of us understand how harmful prolonged sun exposure can be for your skin, but few attempt to take the same protective measures for their hair. Ultraviolet (UV) light can damage the connective structures within each hair strand, weakening the hair and allowing it to fall out more easily. Our doctors recommend that patients use products that contain sun protection, wear hats, or use hydrating shampoos to restore lost moisture.

Harmful Styling Products

We understand that most men and women use some type of product in their hair, but using the wrong types containing harmful ingredients may be causing additional damage. Certain types of soap can dry out hair and cause more shedding. Some preservatives that are commonly found in hair products, such as parabens and formaldehyde, can affect your body's hormonal balance, which can also contribute to hair loss.

Styling Tools

While many styling tools are safe and effective, extensive use of heat or other tools may be harmful to the structure of your hair. Our doctors recommend that patients exercise caution when determining which tools to use, and how often they are using them on their hair.

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At True & Dorin Medical Group, our doctors specialize in finding unique hair restoration solutions for each patient. If you have experienced hair loss that may have been caused by overstyling, certain hair products, or styling tools, please contact us through our website or call (866) 629-0866. We can determine a way to help you restore your hair and your confidence.