Your Hair Restoration Experience

Doctor writing on notepad at his desk

Your Consultation

Meeting with one of our hair restoration surgeons is the best way to have all of your questions answered and begin planning your treatment. An appointment will typically last 30-60 minutes and you will receive materials with information on specific costs and pre- and post-operative care instructions. Our offices are conveniently located for patients throughout greater Manhattan, NYC.

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Preparing for Your Procedure

Following your consultation with Dr. Robert True or Dr. Robert Dorin, you will be given specific instructions to prepare for your surgery. Our doctors may ask that you refrain from certain activities, like smoking or drinking alcohol, prior to your treatment to prevent any complications. 

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Operating room with personnel in scrubs

The Surgical Process

During your hair restoration procedure, Dr. True or Dr. Dorin will apply a numbing anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Each surgical session takes between five to eight hours to complete, depending on the number of hair grafts that are being transplanted. Patients with more severe hair loss or thinning may require repeated sessions.

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Aftercare and Follow-up Appointments

Following your surgery, you may experience minor to moderate discomfort in the treatment area. You should avoid strenuous activity for the first one to two weeks after your procedure and then gradually increase your level of exercise. Our doctors recommend follow-up appointments every four months in the first year following treatment.

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