Hair Transplant Patient Testimonial: David's Story


In this hair transplant patient testimonial, David talks about the reasons he chose True & Dorin: their advanced process, friendly staff, and the natural-looking results they can deliver. He had 2100 grafts performed in one day, without pain. Within just a few months, his hair started growing in, and by the sixth month he achieved full hair growth.

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When I was about 40 years old I noticed that both sides of my hair were beginning to thin in the front. I also noticed that on the back of my head I was starting to get thinner. I started to put Rogaine on the back of my head, and I did that religiously until I was about 60, and it helped a little bit but the front of my hair was still thinning out. I was desperate to get some hair on my head from somebody, and on the web I found True and Dorin's site. It was pretty exciting to find the technology that they had, and it was certainly different than anything that anybody had out there. Everybody that I had seen had grafts and they looked like little cornrows, just straight and stationary across. It looked terrible. All of the other options that I had seen that were offered for people were things that were sewn onto my head. They would have to be taken off, cleaned out, removed daily, whatever it was, it was just undesirable. True and Dorin's looked like a great new revolutionary process that was very exciting to me. The thing I liked about True and Dorin's process was that it was a one-step, all one day procedure, and it was a process that involved getting thousands of grafts done all at once and it looked extremely natural. And online, I could see all of the results on other patients. When I came to True and Dorin I was immediately greeted by these warm people at the desk that were just wonderful. There were people sitting in the lobby that had hair transplants done by True and Dorin but it wasn't easy to tell. They had really nice hair. And I had to ask this question: "Did you have your hair grafts done here?" And they said to me "Yes, I did." And I was absolutely shocked because it looked so great. They told me what was done, they told me the cost, and they told me about the procedure, and immediately I was excited about that. Within ten minutes I was greeted by one of the staff members who was part of the team that would be doing the grafting. They brought me into the back, took pictures of me, showed me books about people that they had worked on, and I was amazed. Just absolutely amazed at what I saw. The procedure was everything that I could ever dream about. In one day I was here and began the procedure at 8:00 in the morning and left at 3:30 in the afternoon with 2,100 grafts on my head. All in one day. It was an absolutely pleasant day. I began the procedure at 8:00 and I left here at 3:30 with a True and Dorin cap on and my 2,100 grafts. The recovery time went just as they had spoken of. I left here, came back the next few days for the doctor to check out and make sure everything was fine. Within the next few months, the hair began to fill in. Within six months, I started having this full growth of hair. This is my hair after a year and two months. I'm so glad that Drs. True and Dorin came up with this procedure, because it's so high-tech and it's so successful. It's a procedure that works and I have to tell you, it's painless. I didn't leave here in pain. I was given some pain medication to take if I needed it, but I didn't need it. All I needed was regular Tylenol. The other things that are out there don't measure up at all. There's nothing that you can do that's like this. You can go swimming, you can do anything you want with it, and it's your hair. I would absolutely recommend Drs. True and Dorin because they have perfected and come up with a system and a hair transplant program that works. And it uses your own hair and will last forever.

Dr. Dorin

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By Robert J. Dorin

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