A Hair Restoration Patient Testimonial: Anna's Story


In this hair restoration patient testimonial, Anna talks about her experience at True & Dorin. She felt very comfortable with the doctors and staff, and explains her options and treatment in detail. Anna would recommend True & Dorin to others, and is very happy with her results.

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I didn't like my hairline. I guess it's kind of genetics and because of tight hairstyles, maybe bleaching my hair, too much hair colors, so I guess that contributed to me not liking my hairline and it being a little too high. I wasn't losing any hair. It was just an aesthetic concern. I really like Dr. True and Dorin because they look very honest in the website. They had a lot of information there. They had a lot of work on females done, so I could see more of something that I could relate to. And then when I came to see Dr. Dorin and talked to him he was also very honest about the results and about some complications that could occur. That's why I really like his honesty, and I like his work. He recommended that we do 1300 grafts. The procedure took about the whole day. They numbed the scalp so you basically couldn't feel anything when they were doing it. You just had to lay back and let them do all the work. At first I was a little upset because the numbness, it's like a different adrenaline in you, so you get a lot of energy, but they give you a blue pill so it calms you down. I was calm throughout the procedure. Everybody was really nice, talkative and friendly. One of the ladies, she spoke my language. She spoke Russian, so she spoke to my mom a little bit about it. Everybody, they answered all the questions I had so they were very helpful. I think Dr. Dorin is very honest. He's a very nice person. I think he actually cares about his patients. He will take all the time he needs to answer any question you have and he'll follow up with the procedure to find out how you're doing, and he'll make sure, he'll double-check to make sure you like everything that he does. I'm very happy with the results. I feel more confident now. I don't think about my hair. I'm not obsessed about it. I forgot it's there, which is exactly what I wanted. I don't want to keep thinking about my hairline. I want to focus on other parts of my life. No, I actually haven't told anybody about the procedure which is very good because nobody really . . . it was a noticeable difference for me, but nobody else really noticed it, which is exactly what I wanted. For anybody else who's looking to this procedure, I would really recommend this doctor. He's very, very good, and he really takes care of his patients.

Dr. Dorin

The Hair Loss Doctors
By Robert J. Dorin

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