Tips on Proper Hair Care to Avoid Hair Loss


Some patients experience hair loss that is not due to genetics, but a result of how they care for their hair. Excessive heat styling, such as with flat irons, or using products with damaging ingredients, can break and damage hair. To avoid hair loss, True & Dorin has created a line of products called Scientific Essentials.

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Hair care can have a role in contributing to hair loss. It may not be through male or female patterned hair loss, but it could cause damage and breakage of hair which is still loss of volume and will be perceived as less hair. The manner in which people choose to style their hair can contribute to hair loss, misuse of dyes, chemicals, bleaching, heat applications such as blow-drying, curling irons and flat irons can all contribute to hair loss. It's not necessarily genetic patterned hair loss but it could damage the hair and cause the volume of the hair to be lost. Certain products that they use, such as shampoos and conditioners that contain questionable surfactants and conditioning agents, can also cause irritation to the scalp and contribute to hair loss. Products to avoid in shampoos would be sodium laurel sulfate, paraffin wax and dye, and in conditioners you want to avoid dimethicone. You should be looking for products that have ammonium and sodium laurel sulfate free, milder and gentler surfactants, and in conditioners you would like to look for something that has other conditioning agents other than dimethicone. Products that I recommend for proper hair care would be a product that I have created myself, based off of experience in talking with patients and examining patients and finding out what they were using and what was causing issues and irritation and likely causing hair shedding and hair loss. I created a product based off of scientific fact and PhD research and put together with my clinical experience which is called Scientific Essentials. It contains a shampoo and a conditioner and revitalizing mist. The shampoo is important because it contains no sodium laurel sulfate, no ammonium laurel sulfate, no paraffin wax or dye. It contains milder surfactants that won't over-strip the hair and scalp and still cleanses the environmental impurities. The conditioner actually contains a natural lipid that our body extrudes and incorporates into our hair shaft called 18-methyleicosanoic acid, termed . This is one of the best products that a patient can use to condition their hair and scalp without leaving other residues and questionable silicone-derived conditioners on their scalp which can cause irritation and therefore inflammation and hair shedding. If you would like to know more about Scientific Essentials products, we have more educational information right on my website,

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