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Patients of hair loss doctors True & Dorin can expect a comfortable and quick hair transplant recovery. The healing process is generally painless, and takes about 7-10 days. Before the second week after surgery, most of the redness and other signs of the operations will have subsided.

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In general, the hair transplant recovery process takes 7 to 10 days. A person can expect the first 5 days for the transplantation to be blatantly obvious, and if anyone sees them without a hat they would know something was done. Generally, by the 5th to 7th day the scabs have formed and the redness has kind of diminished where it starts to look like a mild rash on the scalp, when the scabs start to flake off and the redness on the scalp starts to diminish by the 7th to 10th day. So in general, the healing of the scabs takes about 7 to 10 days where it's no longer noticeable. There'll be some minor pinkness that remains in the area worked on that could be easily covered up with cosmetic cover-up such as a flesh-colored concealer or foundation cover-up. During the discharge process both the nursing staff and myself will go over with the patients what is required of them on post-operative cleaning instructions, proper sleeping instructions, and follow-up instructions for the next morning and then again in 10 to 12 days to have the sutures removed if they did a harvesting method which required sutures. Generally, the follow-up is the next post-operative morning. Sometimes patients can't make it in that day and it would be the day or so after but in general I'd like to see the patients the next post-operative day for a minor check-up and a cleaning, and then again in 7 to 10 days to have the sutures removed. Generally, after that we would like to see the patients quarterly, every three to four months during the process of the hair as it starts to grow in, to answer questions and concerns that may be on the patient's mind at that point and time.

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