What to Expect the Day of Hair Transplant Surgery


On the day of hair transplant surgery with True & Dorin, you will meet with your physician to review your medical surgery and have pictures taken. In the surgical suite, you will be made comfortable and prepped for treatment. Next, the hair will be extracted and processed. Finally, incisions will be made and the grafts will be placed.

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On the day of the surgery, you'll re-meet with the physician and go over some paperwork, a last minute questionnaire, and medical history to make sure nothing has changed since the consultation. You'll have pictures taken prior to the surgery so we can use as documentation of what the pattern looked prior to the surgery. You'll be then taken to the surgical suite. Vital signs will be taken and Valium will be given as a mild relaxant. The doctor will go over the hairline or the area to be treated with you. The donor area will be shaved and prepped, anesthetized with local anesthesia, and then the patient will be placed in a position where we can do the harvesting. Whether be FUE or FUT, the patient is comfortably laid down on their stomach and the extraction is begun. After that, the donor site is either closed up with suturing if it's a strip procedure, or if an FUE they are just individually punched out and there's nothing to sew at that point in time. They are sat back up in the chair and they're waiting for the graft to be processed. During that time the recipient area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. The patient generally has lunch at that point in time, waiting for the physician to come back in to begin making the incisions which dictate the direction and angle and growth pattern of the new transplants. The incisions will be made according to the number of grafts that were harvested and then the grafts will be placed one by one carefully by the team of nurses and medical technicians assigned to the case. After the grafts are placed the procedure is finished. The physician will come in and discharge the patient and go over specific post-operative instructions. More pictures will be taken to document the area that was treated and worked on, and then the patient will be discharged and asked to follow up the following day just for a quick check-up. I always instruct the patients upon discharge that if they have any questions or concerns after being discharged, I give out my private cell number so they can contact me at any time as well as the service so that they can get in contact with me and answer any questions or concerns that may arise the night of the procedure or in the morning of the post-operative day.

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