The Professional Salesman


"The whole procedure was pretty easy. To me, it was as easy as watching television."

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MALE VOICE: I never knew that I was bald until two times. Once, every single time I went to a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah and they took pictures from behind me. I always wanted to know who the bald guy sitting next to my wife was. And the other time is when I got haircuts. And besides then, since I do have hair in the front, I never knew that I had this big bald patch in the back of my head. I expected discomfort. I expected pain. I expected all sorts of procedures that I had to do before and after. And really, the whole procedure was pretty easy. For me it was as easy as watching television, which is what I did the whole day while they were working on my head. The discomfort, at least for me, was not there. I went to work the next day. And went through work fine. Had no problems. And never filled the prescription for pain medication that the doctors gave me. I had nothing more than Tylenol that I took for pain and discomfort and a little bit of ice maybe. The second day and that was it. I slept fine. I worked fine.