The Hair Stylist


"It's quite amazing that really, it changes your outlook on your life."

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MALE VOICE: Before this, you have these plugs and all sorts of scars, and I really wasn’t happy with what I was seeing on people. So I wasn’t going to do that to my hair. And the work that came of Dr. True, I said, you know, this is it. It was the most natural that I have ever seen on anybody. It was no lines, no scars. I said, that’s it. I got the guy. The procedure really, you know, I thought it was going to be more of a pain but it really was very easy, very…a lot easier than I thought. And when he was doing it, you just sit and watching TV and we were just relaxed. I was just relaxing and talking to the people and before you know it, it was done. And I have had no problems whatsoever. No pain. Well since then, all my clients that see me and they give me comments, how wonderful it looks and I’m happy with it. I’m, you know, really it has changed to somewhat way, you know, my life and the way I look at myself. And, you know, really think of myself. It’s quite amazing that it really changes your outlook on your life.