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"I found the staff to be extremely professional...I was very impressed with the quality."

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MALE VOICE: Tried various ways to compensate for my hair loss. One way was I started with Rogaine, using Rogaine. And that worked for a while but then my hair loss progressed. It was progressing at a rate more rapid than Rogaine could keep up with it. And so even with the use of Rogaine, I began to get these very uneven patterns of hair loss on the crown of my head. And then I just began to…had to come to grips with the fact that I was looking at my hair loss three, four, five, six times a day. And it was beginning to really bother me. And also I did things, like, try to grow a beard to compensate for the loss of hair on my crown. And I thought that perhaps these hair transplants only worked for Caucasian males. And so that was another issue because…and I remember going in and speaking to the patient services person and I never raised the issue. I was waiting for him to raise it. And, you know, he basically, when I did ask him, I said, well does this procedure work for African Americans? Because we have…not all of us, but some of us have a different hair texture. And he said, of course. It’s, you know, it’s basically…we are replacing it…your natural hair follicles. We are just moving them to another place. And so this procedure works well for people of all ethnicities. I found the staff to be extremely professional in the way that they handled…from the intake process through the surgery to the follow-up care. I was very impressed with the quality. I do know that without question, my level of confidence went up. Just not having to look in the mirror four or five times a day trying to monitor my hair loss. And say, okay is it getting any worse? Is it stabilizing? Has made a big difference. So I think I definitely conduct myself much differently. In fact, when I was talking to Dr. True on the telephone the other day. My wife and I were getting ready for a black tie affair. And I was telling him, I said, Dr. True, if it were not for you I think I’d have a whole different outlook at attending this affair as a result of this hair transplant.

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