"For Most of You, There Is Hope"


Dr. True talks about the range of treatment available to help people control hair loss.

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DR. ROBERT H. TRUE: For most of you there is hope. Okay. Not for all of you because we are still struggling with some types of hair loss, some degrees of hair loss to really be able to offer adequate treatment. But I think for the vast majority of people who are losing their hair, we do have a clinical armamentarium [phonetic], which includes medications, hair transplantation, cosmetics, that whole variety of things that we can use to be able to help people with their hair loss. Hair transplantation is not for everybody. But there are also other alternatives that can help, short of that, and in many instances are the appropriate choice. Use of Minoxidil for women whose hair is thinning can be very helpful. Use of Finasteride or Propecia and Minoxidil for men when they first are beginning to lose their hair can be extremely helpful. We have seen some wonderful results with those medications as they have been used.