What to Expect from a Transplant


Dr. True talks about the range of results most patients can expect from hair transplantation.

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DR. ROBERT H. TRUE: I think patients should expect a hair transplant that they cannot distinguish from their other native hair and that no one else will be able to distinguish. No one will be able to look and say, oh that’s a transplant rather than hair that was growing there in the first place. Now there is a whole wide variation of what they can expect in terms of density. And really the key determinant of that is the raw material that we have to work with because there is a wide variation. Some people have a tremendous donor supply, hair characteristics that a thick and heavy and a whole abundance in density of it. And we can produce really thick results for them. Other people may have a very limited supply. You know, narrow area of permanent hair. The density of the hair in there is not high. But even those patients, yes, I don’t think people will say, am I a good candidate or a bad candidate? And I’ll say to them, well it depends on what…if what we can produce is something that is meaningful to you. So if you take someone that is even a Class 7, or a deep Class 6, who has limited donor and recreate a forelock, a bridge area that’s done artistically so that it reflects a natural balding pattern, even if it isn’t a complete result, then that can be equally satisfying. The supply is still the main control on what we are able to really accomplish. But with wide variations in that, we can still create very aesthetically pleasing results.