Helping People Is Our Reward


Dr. True explains that being able to help people look and feel better makes his job rewarding.

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DR. ROBERT H. TRUE: I had an opportunity to help someone on a part-time basis. It wasn’t something that I had really thought about doing. But he had been busy in his practice and he asked me if maybe I might be able to help him on a part-time basis. And I said, okay I can for a little bit. Expecting that it would be something that I would just do for a little bit. But I discovered that I really liked it. And what did I like about it? Well I’ve always enjoyed making things. And so just the aspect of being able to make something nice and beautiful is very appealing to me and so I like doing that. And then I was also able to see how it transformed people and what it did and how happy they were with it. And, you know, to come to a work environment where basically your day is helping people look really good and having them come back and say, oh that’s great. I’m really happy with it. That’s a great job.