We Always Put the Patient First


Dr. Dorin talks about the philosophy of treatment at True & Dorin and achieving a natural look.

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DR. ROBERT J. DORIN: We always put the patient first. If a patient is not a prime candidate we will inform them of such. We will talk about alternative methods, not necessarily just hair transplantation. The state of the art facility that we have. We truly use what is considered the state of the art as of this day. Dissection with microscopes, harvesting with single blades, two-layer closure, so that the donor scar is quite fine. We do painstakingly, meticulously try to reproduce what was on the head before. There are tell-tell signs of the direction and the growth of the villous hair, that it remains on the top of the head. So I know I get extreme enjoyment after trying to reproduce that, following the angles, the direction. It’s really enjoyment for me when I am making all the recipient sites and the incisions. And to see that come to life and grow as the weeks and months go on. It is really fulfilling.