Choosing the Right Physician


Dr. Dorin talks about what people should look for when selecting a hair loss physician.

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DR. ROBERT J. DORIN: I would advise that number one they get in touch with some physician that they feel they may be comfortable with, whether it be geographical or by someone they may know that recommended them. Go in there with an open mind after doing some research and get to meet some patients that they have already treated. That is really important. It is really important for the patient to feel comfortable with the physician. You are truly establishing a long-term relationship with a physician. This is not a one time deal. They are coming in to buy something, they are out the door. They should be there for support during this whole process of the growing in. They probably will need more than one hair transplantation during their lifetime. It is quite important for the patient to trust the physician, there be a good rapport between the physician and the patient. That’s the philosophy and the aesthetics that the physician portrays, the patient agrees with. I think those are very…