Your First Consult with Dr. Dorin


Dr. Dorin talks about how getting to know each patient personally helps him to provide quality care.

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DR. ROBERT J. DORIN: I normally begin by asking them what it is they are wishing to achieve? Why are the specifically here? Obviously, it’s because they are either thinning or they are going bald but I want to hear it in their words. Words they use to tell me because then I see what is in their heart and I see their psyche behind it. What is really bothering them? And is this a really good prospective patient because they may say one thing and I may tell them that this is the plan, this is what we could achieve. And if I believe that they are not 100 percent sure that that is what they want, I kind of put the brakes on things a little bit and invite them back for a second consult.