The Hardest Part of the Job


What bothers Dr. Dorin the most? Knowing that not everyone can be helped.

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DR. ROBERT J. DORIN: Seeing young men come into the office in a situation where we know they are going to go on to be severely bald throughout their lifetime and having to turn them away as far as prospective patients. Although discuss alternatives such as medical therapy and try to encourage that, to slow down or stop the hair loss. It bothers me when I see the patient is deeply distraught when they are coming to you for the answer thinking that this is going to be a quick fix. That you are going to help them and you really can’t. That bothers me. Especially when they come with their parents and you have conversation with their parents. You take them offside and you help set up a support structure. Make sure that the patient himself is…if need to be see psychological counseling because there are some patients come in that are that distraught.