What Is the Whole Experience Like?


An actual True & Dorin patient talks about how pleasant and painless his hair transplant was.

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MALE PATIENT: I was so thrilled and excited just with the idea that I woke up this morning practically bald and to think that after today I was going to come home with result after a few months of having a full head of hair. So I mean that was phenomenal. And I was a little…I was excited and nervous about the procedure. But everyone here was so friendly and supportive and they made me very relaxed. And when they started the procedure, I was amazed that it was so painless and pleasant. I couldn’t believe it. I mean I stayed away from here for years because I really thought it was something very horrific and painful and gory. And it turned out to be a breeze. I was just blown away by it. If I would have known I would have had it done much sooner.