Slowing or Stopping Your Hair Loss


Dr. Dorin answers the question: "What about Minoxidil or Propecia?"

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DR. ROBERT J. DORIN: Dr. True and I firmly believe in using Minoxidil and Propecia for our patients. The reason being is that the nature of hair loss tends to be progressive. And we can replace hair but we cannot stop the hair from falling out by just doing the transplant itself. So we are big proponents of people using Propecia and Minoxidil because it will help slow down or stop further hair loss, which allows us to catch up and actually fill in with a greater volume of hair. Many of the over-the-counter hair loss medications that you see advertised on the internet or on TV do contain Minoxidil or Rogaine. And this is the only scientifically proven chemical in those solutions that actually help retard hair loss.