What Are the Alternatives?


Dr. Dorin answers the question: "Are there alternatives to hair transplantation?"

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DR. ROBERT J. DORIN: There are alternatives to hair transplantation surgery. But in my opinion the results are not as good as the hair transplantation surgery. One would be wearing a hair piece or a hair system. Obviously, you can get a lot of density and you have instantaneous hair, look, look, on top of your head. But over a period of the time the naturalness of that dissipates and it just does not look normal or natural. So I would say that there really is and truly an alternative to hair transplantation surgery. Another alternative is just to accept the balding pattern. Some people shave their head very close or bald, shave it completely bald and accept it as a stylish alternative look. But if you want to have a full head of hair or restore what you did have, the only way to go would be hair transplantation surgery.