Natural-Looking Hair Transplants


Dr. True answers the question: "Will my hair transplant look natural?"

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MR. ROBERT H. TRUE: Over the years as this field has developed that have been previous versions of hair transplanting going back to its inception where, although hair was produced the hair did not look particularly natural. And patients were forced to do very special styling in order to make the hair look natural. But with modern hair transplant, where it is a microscopic procedure, where we are basically just transplanting these tiny little grafts of single follicle units in high density. We really are able to say to patients that consistently we are able to produce a result that rivals nature but looks completely natural in its appearance. That the transplanted hair will not look artificial in any way. It looks exactly like the rest of their hair. And they don’t really have to have any fear that they will have a result that would be embarrassing to them in any way.