Your True & Dorin Consultation


Dr. Robert True answers the question: "Can you tell me what happens in the consultation?"

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DR. ROBERT H. TRUE: Our consultation is generally about an hour consultation. The first part of which is just getting a general medical history and background history of a person’s hair loss. Then we do a focused physical examination in which we look at the scalp and hair and various patterns, look at the skin. Once we have done that then we formulate a medical diagnosis and then elucidate various treatment options. Fully explain those, answer all questions about treatment. If a surgical hair restoration procedure is recommended, then we will outline all of the steps of that procedure including all of the post-op care. So that by the end of that hour long consultation we can assure patients that they should have a very thorough understanding of their treatment options. The risks and benefits associated with those treatment options. So that they then are able to go home and make an informed decision for themselves about what they want to pursue.