Hair Restoration vs. Rogaine: Choosing the Best Hair Loss Treatment for You

Choosing a hair regrowth method can be a difficult decision. The doctors at True & Dorin Medical Group serving Manhattan, NYC, and communities throughout greater NYC can provide an in-depth evaluation of your condition and provide their professional recommendation of which solution is best suited for your needs. Typically, treatment options will depend on the severity of your hair loss, your long-term goals, the financial investment you wish to make, and other personal preferences. While there are many diverse options, patients often find themselves considering two very popular solutions for hair loss, hair restoration vs. ROGAINE®Dr. Robert J. Dorin and Dr. Robert H. True are both highly experienced professionals who have been providing sound advice and safe, effective procedures for 30 years. With their guidance, we can help you weigh the benefits of these two options. 

Evaluating Severity of Hair Loss

Man touching balding areas on headThe degree of hair loss can affect your candidacy for certain hair loss treatments. Hair restoration surgeries such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are not typically recommended for those experiencing diffuse thinning.

On the other hand, Rogaine cannot be used to reestablish the front of the hairline, only the crown or scalp. In addition, the topical treatment cannot stimulate growth from a completely bald surface. Even if the top of your scalp is bald, FUT or FUE can use hair from the back of the head as a donor area.

Treatment Processes

The choice between hair restoration vs. Rogaine also requires a consideration of whether you are willing to undergo a surgical procedure or prefer a non-surgical treatment method. Hair transplantation requires patients to undergo a surgical procedure to harvest hair follicles. The grafts of individual follicle units are then transplanted to the treatment area. This procedure is performed by our experienced doctors who can ensure safe, comfortable treatment.

Rogaine is a non-surgical solution that can reverse the effects of hereditary hair loss. The topical treatment is able to reactivate the natural growth cycle of your hair by repairing damaged hair follicles and lengthening the anagen phase of the cycle. The foam product is applied to the scalp twice daily, or as directed by your doctor.

Long-Term Goals 

Patients will typically begin to see results four months after treatment. Hair restoration provides a long-term solution for many patients. While the surrounding hair may continue to naturally thin, the transplanted hair will typically survive. Some patients may also choose to undergo a second FUT or FUE procedure to address future hair loss. 

Our doctors have been providing sound advice and safe, effective procedures for 30 years and can help you weigh this important decision.

Rogaine is a temporary solution in the sense that it will only provide results for the duration of product use. Once you decide to stop applying the foam to your scalp, hair growth will no longer be stimulated.

Cost & Financing Options

The upfront cost of these options may appear to indicate that Rogaine is a much more affordable hair regrowth option. However, as Rogaine is only effective as applied, you will need to continuously purchase the treatment. Hair restoration requires a larger payment at the time of your surgery but may be a better investment if you intend to use Rogaine for years.

If you are hesitant to pursue hair restoration due to cost, we accept several major credit cards as well as financing through Proper Healthcare Lending®, CareCredit®, and LendingClub®.

Professional Guidance

We understand that experiencing hair loss can be stressful. Dr. True and Dr. Dorin are committed to helping you restore your full head of hair and your self-confidence. If you would like to seek professional advice, contact us online or call (866) 629-0866 to schedule a consultation.