Capillus272 Pro: A Convenient & Discreet Low-Level Laser Therapy Device

The battery-operated Capillus272™ Pro, worn just 30 minutes every other day, is designed to fit inside of a hat. This treatment may be used for both male and female patients who are suffering from mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia. While many patients may not know the exact cause of their hair loss, Dr. Robert J. Dorin or Dr. Robert H. True can conduct an in-depth consultation to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. For the last three decades, True & Dorin Medical Group has been providing outstanding care to help patients throughout Manhattan, NYC, and greater NYC to achieve their hair regrowth goals. 

How does this Treatment Differ from Other Laser Therapy Options?

Capillus deviceWhile this treatment method works similarly to low-level laser therapy (LLLT) provided at our hair restoration facility, patients must make time in their schedules to come into our office regularly for treatment. In contrast, the Capillus272 Pro allows you to achieve similar results in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Laser caps are often compared to at-home laser combs. However, these combs require the user to brush the comb through their hair repeatedly for 30 minutes, three times a week. This can grow tiresome, causing many patients to discontinue use. The comb not only requires more of a commitment, but it is not found to be as effective as other laser therapies.

Laser therapy caps offer patients discreet and convenient treatment that can be easily administered at any time. 

Unlike the Capillus82™ and the Capillus202™ devices, this model provides additional laser coverage. Allowing for more extensive treatment in areas such as the temple, the Capillus272 Pro is only offered by authorized physicians. To ensure patient safety, it is only an option to those who have attended a consultation with a hair restoration specialist. Our doctors are qualified to diagnose your condition and oversee your treatment.  

What Will My Consultation Entail? 

Dr. True or Dr. Dorin will first need to evaluate your scalp and shedding follicles to determine the cause of your hair loss. This is particularly important for this treatment as low-level laser therapy caps are generally only effective for cases of androgenetic alopecia. At this time, you will also have the opportunity to discuss other factors that will influence treatment such as: 

  • Your long-term goals 
  • Medical history
  • Personal preferences
  • Budget

Our entire team is invested in your best interests and will carefully weigh all the factors that could shape satisfaction in your results.    

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Results will vary for each patient, however, you can usually expect to begin seeing hair growth within two to four months. It is important to emphasize that significant hair regrowth is only possible with consistent treatment as instructed. Patients can expect to see gradual results that can drastically change the amount of hair on your scalp while using the Capillus272 Pro. It is also important to consider that once the device is no longer being used, hair growth will be halted. 

Choose Professionally Guided Treatment 

Dr. Dorin and Dr. True can work with you to ensure that you are receiving the safest, most effective treatment for your condition. If you are interested in discussing non-surgical hair regrowth options such as the Capillus272 Pro, contact us online or by phone at (866) 629-0866 to schedule a consultation. 

Dr. Dorin

The Hair Loss Doctors
By Robert J. Dorin

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