Natural-looking Hair Transplants

These hairline close-up photos and results of hair transplants, engineered by Dr. True and Dr. Dorin from start to finish, reflect the natural-looking, healthy results that our physicians are able to create for our patients. We are headquartered in Manhattan, NYC, with offices throughout greater NYC.

Shown with the hair combed back enough to actually see the hairline, the close-ups you see here represent cases that are either complete or nearly complete. (The photos are taken with a high-megapixel camera on a macro setting, and under lighting conditions suggested by professionals. The hair styles do not necessarily represent the way these patients wear their hair.)

Some of these patients have undergone only one restoration treatment and some have had two or more. The overall message that we wish to convey about our techniques is that we produce hairlines that look great, regardless of how many treatment sessions the patient has been had.

Each of these hairlines is uniquely designed for the individual patient. In addition, the shape and positioning of the hairline are determined by several factors, which include age, the balding pattern, and the preferences of the patient. 

Featured Patient

Drs. True and Dorin appreciate the great diversity of people who pursue hair transplants and our other treatments at our centers serving Manhattan and communities throughout greater NYC. For instance, see what motivated an acclaimed actor to seek our services:

My name is Tony Darrow. I’m a movie actor. You’ve probably seen me in Goodfellas, Analyze This, Small Time Crooks, Mickey Blue Eyes, Law and Order, and many, many other films. I’ve done about 21 films. And I realized a few years back that I didn’t like the way I looked, especially my hair. I don’t like a lot of other things about me, but my hair was the one ... I’m only kidding, but my hair was the most important. And I noticed a lot of daylight going through into my scalp when I would be on camera.
Tony Darrow

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True & Dorin has a long-standing reputation for excellence in patient care, and delivering exceptional outcomes.

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Good at Any Age

At True & Dorin, it is our experience that men and women from a variety of age ranges will seek to improve their appearance with our methods. We know that from a cosmetic standpoint even a moderate amount of restoration can have profound rejuvenation effects, resulting in a more youthful overall appearance. Whether it is a man in his twenties who is just starting to lose hair, or a middle-aged person who is much further along with hair loss, our artistic approach allows us to produce exceptional results for patients of any age. Click here to see more results in our photo gallery.

Actual Patient Results

before hair restoration after hair restoration

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Learn More about Hair Transplants

At the practice of Dr. True and Dr. Dorin, patients can select from a variety of treatments, including hair transplants. We are so confident in the results we achieve at our offices serving Manhattan and greater NYC that we feature many of our cases on our website. Please schedule your consultation to learn more about how our doctors could help you!