Our Approach to Hair Restoration

Doctor with microscope writing on clipboardTrue & Dorin is your trusted source for hair transplant information and medical hair restoration. Our practice locations serving Manhattan, NYC, and communities throughout the New York metropolitan area offer a wide range of treatment options that can be tailored to your individual needs and goals. From baldness treatment to FUE, from female hair loss to male hair loss, True & Dorin has a comprehensive menu of hair restoration procedures. In addition to treating common causes of hair loss, like male pattern baldness, we pride ourselves on excelling in even the most complex cases. For example, we can help patients who would like to conceal heads scars or are interested in hair restoration after burn injuries.

Clinical Concepts

Individuals vary considerably in the density of hair in the donor area . Hair density is determined by the proximity of follicles to one another, not by the texture or caliber of the hair. It is common for a patient with very fine hair to exhibit exceptional density and to produce an abundance of grafts. Because hair density may vary considerably throughout the donor scalp, it is necessary to evaluate several zones of the permanent hair. The information provided by examination is used to determine the number of grafts, the type of grafts, and the resulting density of the transplanted hair.

The cosmetic fullness of the hair is also determined by factors such as hair shaft thickness, curl or wave, and color contrast with the skin. Therefore, the fact that a person has lower than the average amount of donor hair may be balanced by other characteristics.

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Hairline Design Principles

Along with surgical mastery , it is imperative that a surgeon has refined aesthetic sensibilities in order to design a hairline that will look appropriate throughout the patient’s lifetime. At True & Dorin, hairlines are created entirely with single hair follicular unit grafts.

This “hairline zone” extends back about 1.5 cm from the front and around the corners. The grafts are staggered in a random pattern to produce a more natural look. By scattering wild hairs along the frontal edge, an irregular and feathered hairline is created.

The hair transplant surgeon will create a pattern of receptor sites in the hairline zone using our own unique custom micro blades, which are cut to size according to an individual patient's characteristics. This will enable the doctor to carefully lay out your design so that it will resemble your original pattern of hair growth and density, and form an aesthetically pleasing, irregular, and natural-looking hairline. We use a combination of coronal, saggital, and blended coronal-saggital orientation of receptor sites to assure that the hair lays and flows naturally along the contours of the head.

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Medical Treatment

In the consultation process for any hair restoration treatment at our offices serving Manhattan and greater NYC, we evaluate the medical history and perform a thorough examination of our patients, for the purpose of determining the cause of and appropriate treatment for their hair loss. Upon identification, patients with dermatologic, endocrine, and immunologic causes of hair loss are referred for appropriate treatment. In such cases, medical treatment may resolve the problem or at least stabilize it so that transplantation can be successfully performed.

Men who present with early or partial hair loss can usually benefit from medical treatment with Minoxidil and/or Finasteride (Propecia®/Proscar®) to help control the progression of their balding. Patients may also experience some regrowth of hair. Those with extensive or mature balding patterns are very unlikely to benefit from medical treatment. If medical treatment is begun, it must be continued indefinitely or all effects will be lost. There are thousands of other products that claim to reverse the effects of hair loss. Unfortunately, no accepted scientific evidence supports these claims.

We offer all of our patients appropriate, scientifically based medical treatment and monitoring as part of an integrated approach to hair loss. It is our policy to stay abreast of all scientific developments and offer those of proven value and safety to our patients.

Actual Patient Results

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Repairing Old Technology

A large part of our hair restoration practice serving Manhattan and greater NYC patients is devoted to helping patients who have unsatisfactory results from old technology achieve the natural-looking results that are currently possible. By transplanting one to two hair grafts at the hairline, the old grafts can be concealed within a softer, more natural-looking reconstructed hairline, eliminating the “plug” look.

So why does ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation look better than the older method? We encourage you to learn more about the FUT procedure offered at our practice.

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Drs. True and Dorin, our hair restoration experts serving Manhattan and all of NYC, use only the safest and most effective techniques to replenish the hair for our patients. Please contact us to schedule a consultation at one of our practice locations today!