Preparing for Hair Restoration Surgery

If you are considering treatment for baldness or thinning hair and would like more information on what to expect from the surgery or pre- and post-operative care, please contact our office and make an appointment at one of offices serving Manhattan, NYC, and communities throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Once you have had your consultation with Dr. Robert True or Dr. Robert Dorin and decided hair restoration surgery is right for you, you will be given specific instructions to help you prepare for your procedure. Although these surgeries are minimally invasive, it is important to follow these recommendations to reduce your risk of developing any complications. Preparing for hair restoration surgery is a simple process that mainly consists of changes to your activity and diet leading up to the day of your procedure. Each treatment plan is customized for the individual patient, and our doctors will go over any special directions for your case. 

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On the day of hair transplant surgery with True & Dorin, you will meet with your physician to review your medical surgery and have pictures taken.

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Leading Up to Your Surgery

Surgical team in scrubs huddling and looking down at cameraIn the weeks prior to your surgery, it is important to stop taking any medications that contain aspirin or ibuprofen. Additionally, you should cease taking supplements that contain echinacea, gingko biloba, or garlic, as these medications and herbs can increase your risk of bleeding. Bleeding during your surgery can significantly increase the length of the procedure and make it difficult for the newly transplanted hair to take root. 

The Week of Your Procedure

It is important to stop drinking alcohol for at least seven days prior to your surgery, since alcohol can thin the blood and prevent clotting, which will make you more likely to bleed during the procedure. Cessation of all nicotine products in the week before your surgery will also encourage proper healing. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and could restrict the amount of oxygen-rich blood that is needed at the surgical site. 

Your doctor will ask that you stop exercising at least three days prior to your surgery and also stop taking any related supplements. On the night before your procedure, you will wash your hair with your normal shampoo and need to get plenty of rest. Be sure to fill any prescriptions and have everything that you need to rest following treatment. Dr. True or Dr. Dorin will give you specific instructions on whether you need to make any dietary changes in the days leading up to your surgery.

The Day of Your Hair Restoration Surgery

Please arrange transportation before coming in to our office for your surgery. While you may be physically able to drive following your procedure, our doctors prefer that you have someone with you so that you can rest and recover after the surgery. Wear comfortable clothing to our office and be prepared to spend the day with us. Depending on the number of hair grafts needed to achieve your goals, each session can last between five to eight hours. You should also be sure to let our doctors know if you have any food or medication allergies.

Make an Appointment to Learn More

If you are concerned with balding or thinning hair and would like more information about the different restorative surgeries that we offer, please contact one of our offices to schedule a consultation.

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