Beard Transplant vs. Supplements: Which is Right for You?

Growing facial hair and a thick beard is easier and happens more naturally for some rather than others. But for individuals who struggle to reach the thickness they desire and have difficulty filling in areas of patchiness in their beard, it can be difficult to decide which form of treatment is best suited to their needs. Recently, various growth supplements have increased in popularity. Allegedly, these products can help users see a thicker, fuller beard. Currently, there is a lack of research regarding these supplements and their effectiveness. If you are weighing a beard transplant vs. supplements, Dr. Robert J. Dorin and Dr. Robert H. True can evaluate your condition and goals during a consultation at one of our offices in New York, New Jersey, or Boston

We have helped thousands of patients grow their natural hair. Through advanced techniques, we are able to deliver incredible results quickly, with minimal downtime.

Do Beard Growth Supplements Work? 

The supplements that have been marketed as a solution to growing a thicker, fuller beard feature various combinations of ingredients. One of the most commonly found ingredients is a water-soluble vitamin called B7, or biotin. Many of these growth supplements include this specific ingredient because it aids the body in metabolizing fats and proteins, which some manufacturers claim can also help hair grow. However, biotin is often found in most general multivitamins, and has not been scientifically proven to help grow facial hair. 

A Beard Transplant is a Proven Solution

The process of undergoing a beard transplant features the same technology we use to help patients experiencing hair loss on their scalp. By using follicular units, which have been harvested from a donor area and then transferred onto your face, your hair will begin to grow naturally and eventually form a thicker, fuller beard. We have helped thousands of patients grow hair naturally in this way, and through advanced techniques, we are able to deliver incredible results quickly with minimal downtime.

Treatment Costs and Results

When considering which option is right for you, treatment cost is typically going to be one of the determining factors. However, if you are deciding between a beard transplant or beard growth supplements, it is important to not only consider your budget but also develop realistic expectations. Some patients will spend hundreds of dollars on supplements that have not been scientifically proven to produce results, and most will not find the results they are seeking.

Our doctors have decades of experience in delivering exceptional results through hair transplant procedures, and have developed the skills and techniques required for a successful outcome. Although the treatment cost is greater upfront, many beard transplant patients find the natural-looking, lasting results well worth the investment.

Find the Solution That is Right for You

True & Dorin Medical Group has developed a reputation for excellence in the field of hair restoration. We can provide all the information you need to make an informed decision and achieve your treatment goals. To learn more about growing a thicker beard or schedule a consultation, please send us a message or give us a call at (866) 629-0866.